Minot alderman suggests term limits, pay increase for city council

MINOT, N.D. - A Minot alderman says that the city should put in place term limits for council members to get more people involved in local politics.

Alderman Shannon Straight voiced his thoughts publicly on the matter at Monday night's city council meeting.

He said he thinks aldermen should have to take a break for at least one election cycle after having served two terms.

Minot aldermen will be receiving a pay increase for their work in next year's budget.

Straight said that aldermen should receive more compensation, which would incentivize running for council.

“In my eyes. it adds to building a little more public trust for this office, and for the community, and puts the onus on the taxpayer to be more involved. I just think it's healthy for our democracy if we have people that will step up and get involved, and I don't think the current pay will allow that,” said Straight.

Straight says other communities across the state are beginning to implement term limits.

He said he does not plan to run for re-election next year after serving two terms.