Minot Y's Men's Rodeo preps for show, 1,800 tons of dirt

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MINOT, N.D. - Y's Men's Rodeo week is nearly here. Candese Charles stopped by the State Fair Grounds to check out all of the preparations that goes into the big fundraising rodeo show.

It's that time of the year again, that's right Y's Men's Rodeo time.

"I'm very excited and we have a good committee, a good group of guys that have put this on, put this together," said Kal Larson, Minot Y's Men Chairman.

And there's a lot that goes into preparing for the big rodeo show including nearly 1,800tons of dirt.

"We prepare all year long, but this is rodeo week and now it's time to get serious. This is when we start brining in the dirt and I'm talking 150, 200 loads of dirt," said Larson.

All of the preparation and fuss for a good time and a good cause.

"This is just a great community event with everything we make going to the Triangle Y camp, which is just a phenomenal facility and we work hard to keep that going every year. And Tough Enough to Wear Pink we've worked well with them and I think we've raised about 650 thousand dollars or close to it," said Larson.

By Thursday the arena will be transformed into a great event and fundraiser that we can all be a part of.

The Rodeo starts Thursday night. You can find out about all of this week's events and fundraisers at http://www.minotysmensrodeo.com/.