Minot Wreaths Across America display at Dakota Square Mall

MINOT, N.D. - Organizers of Minot's Wreaths Across America say they have some big goals to expand the program this season.

Through the program, people sponsor a wreath to be laid at the tomb of a fallen soldier.

The wreaths are laid at graves at military cemeteries across the country, including Rose Hill in Minot.

This Wednesday at 11 a.m., Richard Reuer, who organizes Minot's wreath campaign, will illuminate a giant 100-bulb wreath inside the north entrance of the Dakota Square Mall.

Each of the green bulbs will represent ten wreaths.

There will also be information on how you can sponsor a wreath this year.

“Our goal this year is a thousand wreaths. And last year we sent over 200 to Arlington National Cemetery, where, that is where Wreaths America originally started back in 1992. We're hoping this year to send more wreaths to Arlington National Cemetery,” said Reuer.

Any extra wreaths over the goal are donated to other military cemeteries, including Arlington.

You can also pick up sponsor information at flower shops around Minot.

The campaign runs through Nov. 22.