Minot Vet's Center hosts celebration for Vietnam Veterans

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MINOT, N.D. (KMOT-TV) - The Minot Vet's Center hosted their 6th annual celebration today for Vietnam Veterans.

Those who served were invited to a luncheon and flag raising ceremony this afternoon. Veterans say that this celebration is long overdue.

”This is something that we've needed as veterans from Vietnam, something that we've needed since we've come home. As your well aware of our history we weren't welcomed back. There were no parades, there were no cheering crowds. But this day, this day means a lot to me...a lot more than I can imagine…. a lot more than I can say,” said Richard Cheatley, a Vietnam Veteran.

To learn more about what events the Minot Vet Center is hosting you can call them at 852-0177.