Minotauros visit Minot Air Force Base

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MINOT, N.D. - Minotauros hockey team visited the Minot Air Force Base Tuesday.

This was the Tauros first visit to the base, as the two reached out to each other to strengthen community relations.

The team got the chance to see what goes into serving our country while getting a tour of the base, highlighting the 91st Missile Wing Teams and viewing B52s and Nuclear Missiles in action.

"The local community supports us 100 percent in everything that we do, so any chance that we get to go out and speak in the community or to bring groups on to the base, it benefits both the community and us. And it's our pleasure to do it of course," says Maj. Jamie Humphries, Minot Air Force Base.

"It's kind of surreal. Ya know, we go out and we play hockey every Friday night and these guys are serving our country day in and day out. Ya know, they're actually making a difference, and I just think hats off to them. They're incredible men and women, and they do a great job," says Luke Davison, Minotauros defenseman.

The Minotauros will have 91st Missile Wing night at their hockey game February 10.