Minot Stiletto's to Bring Awareness to Men's Homelessness

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With winter coming in the next few weeks, a Minot organization is raising awareness for homelessness.

The Minot Stiletto's are collecting boots and then in the beginning of November will be placing them throughout local businesses in the Magic City. The boots will also be painted with different designs to not only bring attention to homelessness within the city, but also to raise money.

The funds will then go towards helping the Men's Winter Refuge in town. Stiletto members say they would love to end homelessness in Minot and the Men's Winter Refuge does just that.

“They just do so many nursing services so many different things and we'd like to see as many men off the streets and in their services and their warm house and a meal every night. Just to be able to give back to the community that I’ve grown up in and that I love
and so that's I guess what It means to me to give back to our community in any way that I can,” said Christy Miller, of Minot Stiletto.

If you'd like to donate boots you still can at El Azteca until October 25th.