Minot State professor responds to backlash over image of Trump

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MINOT, N.D. - A photo of the door of a Minot State professor's office has caused a stir on social media the past few days.

That's because of the picture that's taped on to it.

The image in question is a picture that was shared by State Sen. Oley Larsen, R-Minot. Larsen got the picture of Sociology Prof. Harry Hoffman's office door from a student.

On the door, you see a picture of President Donald Trump alongside Hitler, Mussolini, and Stalin.

Larsen shared the image on Facebook, saying he was concerned about taxpayer money going to someone who was pushing a political agenda.

The image received hundreds of shares and comments from both supporters and detractors.

We wanted to hear from the man himself about why he posted the image to his door, and what he thinks of the recent fallout.

Hoffman tells Your News Leader he posted it on his door three years ago, before Trump was elected, as a way to spur discussion.

“It was actually the result of my political sociology class. We were talking about how ideological perspectives like to frame their opposition and one of the students had that picture. I was looking at it and though this would be an interesting way to see how people will react to these things. This was in 2016 when the picture was actually put up on the wall,” said Hoffman.

We reached out to Minot State.

They said they were aware of the photo but would not be commenting at this time.

Hoffman said he had also spoken with the university about it.

At this time he said he does not intend to take it down.