Minot State political scientist reacts to withholding of unredacted Muller report

MINOT, N.D.- The unredacted Mueller report will remain behind closed doors as President Trump used executive privilege yesterday evening.

This sets the stage for conflicts between the executive and legislative branches in Washington about presidential power.
The Supreme Court has previously ruled that congress has the right to subpoena.

Doctor Jynette Larshus, a political scientist at Minot State University, says executive privilege has been used in the past, but not in this broad of a context.

“Ten presidents have evoked executive privilege to deny congress getting some materials. The vast majority of those have not been successful,” Larshus said.

The subpoenas are in part a response to Attorney General William Barr missing the deadline to release the unredacted version of the report.
Barr could be heard for being in contempt of Congress.