Minot State art student to debut ‘Engima, Truth and Perspective’

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MINOT, N.D. - Cassandra Stauffer has named her exhibit, Enigma, Truth and Perspective.

She says her inspiration came from the conflict between the people of Israel and Palestine,after she visited the two places last year.

"I wouldn't say conflict is beautiful, but I would say that it helps us focus on what really matters" said Stauffer.

This is the first time Stauffer has had an exhibit all to herself. She says it feels rewarding to see her handiwork on display.

She says it feels rewarding to see all her handwork hung for public to see.

"My exhibit includes six paintings they're all acrylic on canvas and they're pretty large, they're three feet by four feet and then some of them are two feet by four feet" said Stauffer.

And that's not all, Stauffer includes more than painted canvases in her exhibit.

"Right in the middle, there's an installation and that is containing the stories of Israeli and Palestine," said Stauffer.

Bringing out the beauty; the lies within the stories of others. Stauffer invites you this to view her exhibit and talk with her about her art work.

She will be at Hartnett Hall this Thursday night between 6 and 8 o'clock.