Minot Spring Big One Art & Craft Fair this weekend

MINOT, N.D. - On Friday, the Minot Spring Big One Art & Craft Fair opened its doors at State Fair Center.

More than 150 crafters, artists and bakers traveled to Minot to showcase their handcrafted and handmade products.

It's a show North Dakotans say they look forward to each year.

Duane Graham, owner of Black Pearl, has one of the booths at the fair. He is from Michigan, but travels across the country showing off his jerky and BBQ rubs.

"We do a lot of shows, but I think Minot has a lot of high end stuff. A friend of ours down there is from Montana and she makes fabulous leather goods and stuff all homemade. I think you just see a lot of high end, high quality stuff and good prices,” said Graham.

Graham’s company began about eight years ago as what he calls a jerky company in Michigan. The feedback from his customers encouraged him to expand.

"We went and got into the rubs about a year ago. The rubs are extremely popular. We do flavors that are outstanding. They are in your face flavors. It's not something mild,” says Graham.

Chris Thomas, another craft fair veteran and owner of Thomas Metal Arts, brings his metal artwork to show and says it's nice being back in Minot after taking a year off.

"It started actually at the farm cutting up old machinery to make gates and panels. And then one day I made a table and it just took off from there,” said Thomas.

Thomas' says his goal is to make statues out of mental objects that people wouldn't expect.

"Some gumball machines I guess are pretty unique. It's the body and then it has a head and arms. And still functioning. So yeah, those are fun to make,” said Thomas.

The Minot Spring Big One Art & Craft Fair will wrap up Saturday evening at 5.

You can head down to the State Fair Grounds before it shuts down Friday at 8.