Minot Public Works tackles snowfall

MINOT, N.D. - Snow plows for Minot Public Works have been out much of the day working to clear the roads.

Minot Department of Public Works has a snow plan in place for storms like this one. The plows waited for the snow to fall, but they tried to get ahead of the game.

"Last night we had guys come in about eight o'clock and they started sanding and salting around town. Make sure that intersections and stuff were safe to drive this morning,” Jason Sorenson said.

He says that this winter has been mild compared to last, but the spring-like temperatures leading up to the storm have created a challenge for the city.

“Another challenge of you know snowfalls this time of year and with the warm temperatures we have, as you drive around town we've got some really large puddles, so a lot of our storm drains are froze up. We're waiting for a blizzard, but we have guys out kind of doing spring time activities," Sorenson said.

Sorenson urges drivers to use caution.

“Slow down, take your time and once you start seeing our equipment out there, you know give them some space," Sorenson said.

You can track the snow plows and what streets they have done on the City of Minot website.