Minot Public Schools discuss decision to remain open Monday, outlook for Tuesday

MINOT, N.D. - Minot Public School Superintendent Dr. Mark Vollmer says that school Tuesday will start two hours late at 10 a.m.

But Monday, MPS schools, with the exception of those on base, started on time.

The district chose to move forward with classes in town, despite other area districts electing to delay school or cancel class altogether.

We spoke with Vollmer who said the district takes into account a number of factors, including road conditions and the visibility.

“It's a tough decision and it's a decision that never makes anyone happy, okay. But we do the best we can. And we always want to remind parents that at the end of the day the parent always has the right to keep their child home if they feel it is unsafe,” Vollmer said.

Vollmer says there's no morning pre-school Tuesday.

Minot Air Force Base schools will follow the late start.