Minot Public Schools back in session

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MINOT, N.D. - Minot Public Schools are back in session Wednesday.

Nearly 7,500 students entered Minot Public Schools for the first time this year. For many walking down these halls, the first day of school it can be a combination of jitters and excitement. For many parents, teachers and students alike they also say that this day is one to remember.

After running a pilot program, this is the first year all Minot Public Elementary Schools are running a kindergarten orientation on the first day of school.

"So the first couple of minutes the principal spent with both the parents and the child. So that was kind of good, it kind of eased her nervousness a little bit to see that mom and dad would still be there. She was anxious and then we were of course excited for her," Heather Wherley, parent of Edison Kindergartner.

Some of the new faces this school year are not only sitting in classrooms but are at the front of the room leading lessons.

"My first day's been great. It's a lot of getting to know the kids and finding out who they really are and getting them used to school after having summer off," says James Owen, first year teacher.

But as a first year teacher, the first day of school is as big for the teacher as it is for the students.

"Your first year it's almost like a lot of anxiety built up. Once you get in your classroom and start to work with the kids it really starts to calm you down and really make you realize why you're here," adds Owen.

Most importantly, the first day of school is the start of a new beginning.

"How did it go today? It went good, I met a couple of friends, and I was a little nervous, but I wasn't that nervous. This morning it was difficult because I wanted to look for the first day of school," says sixth grade Jim Hill student, Mckenzie Decoteau.

Though it was an exciting maybe even bumpy start, everyone will be back again Thursday.