Minot Public Library inviting residents to write thoughts for improving Minot

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot Public Library is starting a "Build Minot" campaign where residents can make a difference just by picking up a maker.

People are invited to write down what they would like to see to improve Minot on building blocks.

The blocks will be displayed in businesses throughout the Magic City for about four months and then send the information to different groups that could take that information to improve life in the community.

”The goal of it is to get community input on how we can make a better community how we can have safer neighborhoods and stronger community ties,” said Janet Anderson, the library director.

“You know we've had the flood, we've had the oil and now is the time to start grounding ourselves and working back into the community that we all know Minot is. Everybody wants to make Minot as amazing as we know it can be and I'm so impressed with the people of Minot on how they are coming out and supporting us,” said Randi Monley, Creator of ‘Build Minot.’

The campaign is officially starting Jan. 23 and if you and your business is interested in hosting a building block statue, you can contact the Minot Public Library.