Minot Police warn public about counterfeit check scam

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot Police Department wants to warn you of a counterfeit check scam that is resurfacing.

A local man says he was sent a check for nearly $5,000 from Great Plains Federal Credit Union, but because he was aware of the scam, he did not become a victim.

This kind of scam is known as the “Overpayment Scam.” One example of how this can happen is the scammer might try to buy something from the victim online and send a counterfeit check as payment. The scammer will then tell the victim to cash the fake check and send back the difference.

If you get a check in the mail similar to this, the Crime Prevention Unit says you should look up the phone number of the financial institution and call them to see if the check is real. Don't call the number directly on the check.