Minot Police, school district discuss emergency contact protocols

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MINOT, N.D. - Two safety incidents have occurred in the Minot Public School District over the last few weeks.

The Minot Police Department says it has worked with the school district to ensure that children are safe and that contacting families during emergencies is handled with care and consideration.

Both entities say communication is extremely important.

"Depending on what the situation is and depending on the level of threat or concern, it could range from and AlertNow or a call to parents, but it really depends on the situation at hand and how it's being investigated," says Dr. Mark Volmer, Minot Public School Superintendent.

"We rely heavily on communication with the school system, and a lot of time they'll defer to us as far as what procedures we're going to use and whether or not we're going to make notifications. But it's a judgment call on our part," says Capt. John Klug, Minot Police Department.

"We've had two recent issues, and we would not have known about these issues, and we would not have known about these issues as a school had they not been reported by children. Children letting parents know, children letting teachers know, that is just such a crucial step in this process," says Volmer.

In case of an emergency, the district relies on the message system, AlertNow and suggests making sure your phone numbers are up to date.