Minot Police clarify information regarding Central Campus investigation

MINOT, N.D. - Minot Police released information Friday in their investigation into the bomb threat at Central Campus high school Wednesday afternoon, along with information about a threat of a shooting, in an effort to clarify reports and ease concerns from the public.

Police say shooting threats that appeared on social media are unsubstantiated and are based on hearsay and rumor.

Police also say the bomb threat Wednesday appears to have originated from the rumors of the possible planned shooting, but are not connected to a student implicated in the shooting threat.

Police also say that rumors about a student being arrested with a gun in the area of Central Campus are false, and police did not arrest anyone in the area with a firearm.

Police say there are no safety concerns connected to these incidents or the posts on social media.

Police are also asking members of the public who have shared information that singles out any individual by name or photograph to remove or delete the material from their device or social media page.

The bomb threat Wednesday prompted an evacuation of Central Campus, along with a search of the building. Administrators bussed students to the Minot Auditorium, where parents could pick them up.