Minot Police Department searches for officers to join the force

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To be apart of Minot's finest there are few steps these applicants must undergo before even doing an interview or even doing the written exam, they have to go through the physical assessment and this is just the beginning.

Two to three times a year the Minot Police Department searches for viable candidates to join the department.

Nine applicants, vying for three open spots in the department, began the process Thsday morning, starting with the rigorous physical part at 9 am, which includes a required 15 and a half inch vertical jump and 30 sit ups in a minute or less. The hopefuls barely had time to catch their breath before heading to the 300 meter sprint.

Then after enduring 25 push ups, they cheered each other on through a mile and a half run.

The assessments, exam, and interview are all in preparation for a 12 week long training and evaluation period once they make the force.

"We want people that are motivated and they're dedicated to come and do a good job for the department, as well. So, we want them to be aggressive in the manner of taking enforcement action, we want them to be, ya know, good with the community, we want them to get involved with the community and engage the people that they have contact with. So we look for a variety of thing," said Capt. John Klug of the Minot Police Dept.

Originally from Western Africa, Klay Nachelle came from Dickinson in hopes of joining the force to make a difference in the community.

"I'm from a family of law enforcement officers, so I have passion for law enforcement. I still have the love and passion to help the community so when I heard Minot PD and Ward County are hiring I decided to put in my application and give it all my best. That's why I'm here today sweating," said applicant Klay Nachelle.

The applicants will find out next week, if they made the cut.