Minot Police Chief Jason Olson looks back on career

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MINOT, N.D.- The Minot Police Department is going through some changes this month, both big and small.

Earlier this month, more than 30 officers moved up the ranks in a large scale promotion ceremony.

But perhaps the biggest change comes at the top, when police Chief Jason Olson will retire from the force at the end of the month after more than 30 years.

Jason Olson began his career with the Minot Police Department in May of 1988. He began as a patrol officer and says he enjoyed his time in the field.

"Working patrol, you never kind of knew what was next what the next call was going to bring. The other nice thing about patrol is that at the end of the day, you pretty much have a clean slate for the next day." Olson said.

As a patrol officer he responded to some of Minot's most dangerous situations, including the 2002 train derailment that released the toxic anhydrous ammonia in the city, killing one and injuring several others.

"To my knowledge Minot still has the dubious distinction of being the largest spill of anhydrous ammonia in the world. So that definitely stands out as a major event that I played a part in. I was on patrol just responding to calls and on the front lines on that." Olson said

Olson would serve on the SWAT team for 18 years.

"The fun thing about being a SWAT officer is that you get to use devices and equipment and firearms that a typical officer didn't get to use especially in the past."

Olson was named Chief of Police in 2012 and has led the department for eight years.

"My motto with officers is treat people with respect even if their actions don't you know demand respect at that time. It's part of being a professional to treat people with respect at all times.” Olson says.

Captain John Klug, a veteran face in the department, will take over as chief Feb. 1.

"I don't have any concerns that Captain John Klug he's very well prepared to step into these shoes.” Olson said. “We've worked together for 25 years and I've kind of passed on my knowledge to him over the years."

Klug says he’s been getting ready to transition over.

"As soon as I found out that Chief Olson was leaving he's kind of taken me into some of the things that normally I might not do,"

Olson will retire leaving a lasting legacy on the city of Minot and its people.