Minot Parks District makes moves for Maysa Arena Expansion

MINOT, N.D. - Maysa Arena went through a major expansion in 2016 with the addition of the Pepsi Rink.

On Tuesday, the Minot Park Board approved a $1.3 million addition.

The purchase, which will be closed on August 1, is of the more than six acres of land west of the arena.

Maysa Arena spends most winter days packed full of people watching the Tauros or kids skating around. With this acquisition the Minot Park District can now look to expand the arena.

"We've been anticipating at some point in our future that we will need a fourth sheet of ice to expand the ice program as the numbers continue to grow,” said Ron Merritt, Minot Parks District executive director.

Knowing that the community is growing, the Park District says they want to provide Minot with more places to play.

"We have this auditorium which is kind of our indoor recreation space. We have other spaces that are more specialized but for recreation purposed this is our facility and we are short of space to provide things that people want,” says Ron Merritt.

Where these buildings stand today, in the future the area could look a lot different.

"The aquatics center, if it is to be constructed, this is a viable site for that. Indoor space was another item that was huge from our community input meetings. So this would be a site as well where some kind of indoor space can be constructed,” said Merritt.

Planning for the future to one day build even more for the Magic City.

The purchase passed the park board by a 4 to 1 vote.

There is no timeline for this project yet, but the park district says they are excited about the future.