Minot PD gives tips for keeping safe on the road this winter

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MINOT, N.D. - Minot's first winter storm of the season resulted in delays and accidents that the Minot Police Department say could be avoided in the future.

They say there were nearly 10 accidents by 9:30 Monday morning.

Though the first day of measurable snow may come as a bit of a shock to drivers, Minot PD is asking drivers to remember a few things as road conditions continue to change.

"We're hoping that everybody can travel and that it can be safe for everyone. But it is snowing - we have a lot - and there's more on the way. So, if normally takes you five minutes to get to work, probably give yourself 10 or 15 that way you don't have to rush you can give yourself plenty of room," says Capt. John Klug, Minot Police Department.

Klug also adds that driving slow is important. The speed limit is posted but in icy or wet road conditions you need to go slower than the posted speed limits; keep a safe distance between you car and the car in front of you; make sure your tires are in good condition before you get on the road; check and clean your headlights and tail lights to ensure you have full visibility on the road.

If you're driving long distance make sure you have plenty of gas a stocked emergency kit with food and water.