Minot Main Street Minute: The Putt District brings mini golf downtown

MINOT, N.D. - The Putt District will officially open Friday, Nov. 17 in Minot.

It is a 14-hole indoor putt-putt course with some challenging dips and dives.

“We're looking to bring a variety of activities for family fun, whether it be glow-in-the-dark mini golf. We have a clubhouse area for people to hang out, kinda chill before and after the game,” said Eric Thoemke, co-owner.

Golfers can hit links to play glow-in-the-dark mini golf amid giant paintings of pop culture, including Super Mario, the Cheshire Cat, and the Beatles in their Yellow Submarine. In addition, The Putt District is also working on an arcade.

“It's more of a collage style, and so I want to match with everyone from ages 0 all the way to 150. Behind me I have 'My Little Pony.' That was inspired by my daughter. She's four years old, and I just left it up to her, let her give me an idea, and went with it,” said Scott Gordon, co-owner and painter.

Thoemke said he wants to help attract people to the city's new-look downtown.

“We felt like bringing something like this to downtown is just so vital to the community, allowing people to come here, hang out, play some mini golf, then also explore some of the other amazing local shops,” said Thoemke.

Another hole-in-one attraction in the Magic City.

The Putt District is located at 17 South Main Street, in the old Otis & James building.

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