Minot Main Street Minute: Spectrum Fitness opens on North Hill

MINOT, N.D. - A Minot-area couple have debuted the city's newest fitness center, and it's anything but your run-of-the-mill gym.

The sounds of exercise have taken over Minot's north hill.

It's Spectrum Fitness, the brainchild of Rachelle Sian and her husband. They began teaching martial arts in their garage, but realized they were on to something bigger and better.

“We started training, practicing in the garage with friends, and then we grew, and then we just grew out of the garage,” said Sian.

The couple bought out the building once occupied by the Star Lite Lounge, and with a little elbow grease, transformed it into Spectrum.

This isn't your traditional gym, though—here, you sign up for any of a series of classes, from spinning, to hula hoop, to a pound fitness routine, turning music into exercise.

“I want people to say 'I get to go to Spectrum today and do the hula hoop class. It's gonna be so fun!' Or 'I can't wait for pound fit tonight!" I want to be the highlight instead of the chore,” said Sian.

It's a whole new experience for Deb Helland, who said it was time to get back into exercising, and found a home at Spectrum.

"I don't like walking on the treadmill, and I don't like using weight machines, and so my excuse has always been if there was just a bunch of fun classes to do, and then I came here, and that's all it is, is a bunch of fun classes,” said Helland.

Along with Helland's friend Diane Hatfield.

“We went to a pound fit class, and like Deb said, the next day, we said 'this is for us, this is what we need to do,” said Hatfield.

Spectrum also offers massages, along with a sauna, and a chance to showcase your kickboxing skills.

Giving Minot residents a new place to work out and have fun.

Spectrum also offers daycare for the kids while you work and they give you a tour of the facility to find out what you're looking for before signing you up.

If you want to sign up for a class you can search "Spectrum Fitness Minot" on Facebook or call 701-509-2260.

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