Minot Main Street Minute: 'Oh, Nyla' Cake Design

Published: Mar. 29, 2017 at 3:45 PM CDT
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If you've had a cake made for a special event in Minot in the past thirty years, there's a chance Nyla Stromberg has made it.

Stromberg has spent the past three decades making cakes in Minot grocery stores, but has now started her own business.

Nyla Stromberg really knows her cake.

“Being a perfectionist, I have to have things just perfect,” said Stromberg.

Stromberg's been baking cakes at Minot grocery stores for more than three decades. She started working at Marketplace Foods before it was Marketplace—when it was still the old Minot Albertsons location.

“They said, 'Come on, let's just try it, a little bit,' so I did, and I never left,” she said.

This year, though, Stromberg has chosen to branch out on her own with 'Oh, Nyla' Cake Designs.

Her motto: “Every cake has a story to tell.”

“Whether it's for a 90th birthday, or for a wedding, or for a child's baptism, or a birth,” she said.

She isn't just limited to cakes.

Stromberg creates tasty cupcakes and cookies, and has learned new skills along the way.

“I learn new stuff every day, when I'm working,” she said.

..and she says her customers can't have enough.

“It's so rewarding to do this for people, and to have them come and they hug me. They just give me tips. I mean, there's just so many things, and it's just positive, and it's very exciting,” she said.

Bringing a sweet treat to your next celebration.

Stromberg said she's planning on going to a conference in Seattle later this year to learn more about cake decoration.

If you’d like to order a cake from Nyla you can contact her at: (701) 852-0215 or search ‘Nyla Stromberg’ on Facebook.


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