Minot Main Street Minute: New shops open in the Dakota Square Mall

MINOT, N.D. - Key Bliss has opened its doors in Minot.

This women's fashion boutique is the brainchild of Heather McAtee and her friend Jessica Bollinger.

The pair developed the idea as business students at the University of North Dakota. Once school ended, their project became their business.

“We just decided, hey, we can do this, so we took a leap of faith, and we launched it a month after we graduated,” said McAtee.

Key Bliss offers a wide variety of women's casual wear from dresses to jackets and shoes, and they focus on originality.

“Women like to be different, so that's why we like to always keep our inventory moving and flowing,” said McAtee.

This is the second Key Bliss store, with the first in Grand Forks.

Also new to the mall is Jax & Henley.

Based out of the Twin Cities, owner Connor Koerbitz started the designer bag business out of his parent's basement three years ago.

It started as just an online operation, but with a family connection to North Central North Dakota, Koerbitz chose to debut his first retail spot in Minot.

“We carry Marc Jacobs. Marc Jacobs used to be a designer for Louis Vuitton. Our No. 1 selling designer here at Jax & Henley is Michael Kors,” said Kristie Schwan, store manager.

Their current location next to Barnes & Noble is only a temporary spot, as they're hoping to move into a permanent location this summer.

“We have been currently looking for another location in the mall, so that we can become permanent, and build a tradition of Jax & Henley in Dakota Square,” said Schwan.

Both shops are open in the mall during regular business hours.

Other news and notes from the mall...

Vanity is closing its doors soon. The company is closing all its stores nationwide.

One store that's not closing is JCPenney.

The company is shuttering three of its North Dakota shops, but Minot's location is remaining open.

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