Minot Main Street Minute: 'Minot's Pretty Lights' goes beyond Christmas

MINOT, N.D. - If you've driven through Minot during the holidays, chances are you've seen a house lit up by the group 'Minot's Pretty Lights.' These entrepreneurs do their part in illuminating your home for the holidays.

“Sort of grass roots type of business. We never took out loans, we did it on our dime. Our first client was our parents,” said Derek Hackett with Minot’s Pretty Lights.

Eight years later, their operation is bigger, and they're branching out. They started putting up lights for other holidays, including Halloween, and they'll also color-code your light display for your favorite sports team.

“During discussions, this was three, four years ago, we didn't have that capability. Now we do, and we felt that this was a piece of the industry that we sort of discovered eight years ago that we wanted to venture into,” Hackett said.

Minot's Pretty Light's put up some of the spooky lights you may have seen at the downtown parking garage party this Halloween.

“When you do Christmas lights, it's kind of only a four or five-month job. We start in October, and once we're done taking down, we've been done. Well, to kind of extend this, and kind of fill the needs that people have been requesting, we decided to take on this new venture,” said Juan Vadell, the group’s field manager.

They also arranged orange lights for one of their customers Matt Geinert.

“I love it. I think it's a great idea. I think people are really becoming more festive in our community, and for them to come up with new ideas to make us more excited about it is a great idea,” Geinert said.

Geinert said he plans on trading in red and green for purple and gold this Christmas and support the Vikings.

If you want to find out more about their services, just search 'Minot's pretty lights' on Facebook.

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