Minot Main Street Minute: Allure Salon Suites, The Foundry

MINOT, N.D. - Allure Salon Studios brings a state-of-the-art salon experience to the Magic City.

Stylists, cosmetologists and aestheticians lease a room at Allure to build their business and their clientele.

“They control and run their own business. They schedule their own clients. And what we do is we provide them with an upscale luxury facility for them to have the best business that they can have in Minot,” said Willy Fielhaber, co-owner.

Laurin Leidholt is just one of the stylists who works out of Allure.

“There's a lot of cool girls here that make working fun, and it's like you're in a normal salon, but then at the end of the day, if you want to shut your door, and be alone with your client with that one-on-one time, then you can do that as well,” said Leidholt.

Each room contains deluxe granite countertops, a beverage chiller, and the latest cosmetology tools.

“It's just a unique experience that hasn't been filled to this level in Minot,” said Fielhaber.

“Who wouldn't want to work in a place that looks beautiful,” said Leidholt.

You can learn more about Allure on its website: www.alluresalonsnd.com

Next door you'll find the latest upcycle shop in the Magic City.

“The Foundry is a purveyor of gathered goods, so basically it's a place that you can find things that are new, found, and handmade items,” said Rachael Walz, owner of The Foundry.

The Foundry has everything, from fall-themed arts and crafts, to furniture and old collectibles, to potpourris and jams.

“I'm one of eight kids, so it was always, you had to be thrifty, especially around the holidays, especially for birthdays, and I would say that's probably carried with me my whole life,” said Walz.

Allure and The Foundry are both in the strip with Pizza Hut at 1407 South Broadway.

Allure Salon Studios is holding a special grand opening Tuesday from 5-7 p.m. where the public can take a tour.

The Foundry is open the third and fourth weekend of each month but Walz said they will be open during Tuesday’s grand opening for Allure.