Minot Magazine launched online

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MINOT, N.D. - Two Minot women turned kitchen table talk into a Magic City reality.

Photo courtesy: Chelsea Gleich

Minot Magazine is the first of its kind, with features on faces around town you may recognize.

Minot Magazine started as a dream for a better way to tell the story of the amazing people, places, and organizations within the Magic City.

Not only is the publication available online, but physical issues will also be distributed throughout Minot.

The quarterly magazine is available online now, and can be found throughout waiting areas in just two weeks.

“We came up with the first issues theme of 'activate' and kind of just went with it from there. The idea of the themes is that we want to have a general idea of what we want to talk about in each issue. It makes it easier to explain to other people what you're trying to accomplish and also makes it not just a random assortment of things. But we wanted it to be broad enough that we could fit all kinds of different things that come up that need to be featured into that issue,” said Chelsea Gleich, co-founder.

Minot Magazine has been a work in process, from the content to design to plans for the next issue.

None of this would be made possible without the support from the community.

“We are both very involved in the community and through our volunteer commitments in the community, we made a lot of the right connections. Those businesses and organizations and sometimes individuals really believed in us. We were selling an idea, and to get people to write a check for an idea isn't easy,” said Terri Philion, co-founder.