Minot Leaders Release Preliminary 2017 Budget

MINOT, N.D. - City of Minot leaders have released their tentative 2017 budget.

Minot City Manager Lee Staab, who is leaving later this month, told the council that the city has faced revenue shortages across the board, but he remained optimistic and praised for the city for keeping its mill levy the same as last year.

“What you actually will see is if you look at the expenditures that we had last year and you look at the expenditures that we'll have this year, the mill levy of last year was just over 80, and that's exactly what it is this year. So the proposed budget that you have in front of you reflects absolutely no change,” Staab said.

The council will hear concerns from members of the public in what’s called the ‘Committee of the Whole’ August 18.