Minot International Airport prepared for snow

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot International Airport has crews ready to clear the runways if need be.

From plows, to brooms, to blowers, the airport has all the equipment they might need right in their shop. Although the early winter might be a shock to us, the airport director say they are ready.

"We spent most of the summer getting ready for this moment I suppose. We have been painting and making sure that the runway markers are done and making sure all the pavement is in good shape and the lighting and navigational aids. So we have had a great summer of being prepared for the winter,” said Rick Feltner, Minot International Airport director.

Feltner says an airport snow plow is not your average city plow; they are designed go in a straight line, for a long distance at a high speed. The airport works in conjunction with the airlines during weather events.

"Pilots need visibility in order to operate and our crews need visibility in order to get out on to the runways and clear them. So we can handle a lot, but we can't handle everything. So if the wind picks up and it is snowing, that might throw a wrench into things,” said Feltner.

Feltner says if you have travel plans in the next few days be sure to check with your airline for the latest and most up to date information about your flight.