Minot High School song rings throughout school district

Published: Oct. 17, 2017 at 6:55 PM CDT
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While most schools in our area use adapted college fight songs the Minot High School song is an original, dating all the way back to 1956. Today, the song is being passed on to young generations.

Bel Air Elementary school is one of the Minot's Public Schools where students learn the Minot High school song that dates all the way back to 1956.

"It is a ton of fun just having been a Minot high graduate to now be the music teacher in the school sharing that song with my students. It's just a lot of fun to hear them sing the same song that I sang when I was their age," says Trisha Schaefer, Bel Air Elementary School Music Teacher.

While their music teacher enjoys the flash backs, the students say they love learning the song everyone knows.

"It is cool knowing that I can teach everybody the school song now, now that I know it," says Athena Buscth, Bel Air 4th grader.

"It's been really fun, like Mrs. Schaefer makes it like, the best," says Bree Banbibber, Bel Air 4th grader.

"It's fun to sing and it represents the high school here," says Andrew Kline, Bel Air 4th grader.

Music Major Eric Anderson, Jr. arranged the song for youngsters and teens throughout the district with funding from the Minot Public School Foundation.

The arrangement allows students from Kindergarten to 12th grade to join in on the historical song at all Magi events.

"It's kind of a older style that isn't how we write songs anymore. It's a march. But, it's fun and I feel like I'm approaching it as a piece of Minot history," says Eric Anderson, Jr. Minot High School Song Arranger.

The song is just one more Magic City piece of history that brings the entire community together.