Minot Good Samaritan Helps Hit-and-Run Victim

MINOT, N.D.- When Necia Davis got sideswiped near the corner of 17th and Broadway in Minot on Tuesday, she pulled over expecting to talk with the person who hit her.

“Didn't realize that the guy didn't even stop,” said Davis.

The driver didn't stop, but this man did.

“Travis pulled over to see if I was OK, and was like, 'he's not even stopping',” said Davis.

Travis Anhorn, who was driving behind Davis, saw the crash and pulled over. Necia did not expect what Travis did next.

“He thought he saw where he was going so he pulled away to see if he could follow him, maybe get his license plate. I thought that was the last that I had seen of Travis, but he came back and had all this information,” said Davis.

Thankfully the weather wasn't extremely cold when the crash happened, because Necia was waiting outside for about 45 minutes waiting for Travis to come back.

“Found it over by K-Mart, got a license plate number. Followed him while I was on the phone with the Minot Police Department,” said Anhorn.

Davis says that Police arrived on the scene quickly, and they eventually tracked down the other driver.

“He was insured and had a valid license so I'm not sure what the story was there,” said Davis.

For now, these two go their separate ways, but Davis made sure to thank Travis by posting her story of the wreck on Facebook and thanking Anhorn for help.