Minot Fireworks Association set for second 4th of July show

MINOT, N.D. - In 2017, the skies above Minot were dark for the Forth of July.

To help make sure that never happens again, the Minot Fireworks Association was formed and put on their very first show in 2018.

"Oh it was tremendous. People loved it, they thought it was a great show. We had about 150 people in our VIP area and they all loved it so we are just hoping to make it bigger and better every year,” said Adam Dyess, president of the Minot Fireworks Association.

Building on the show they put on last year, Dyess says this year they are doing something special for the kids.

"We will be giving away these special glasses for the fireworks after the races. They are special 3D glasses but they are made specifically for watching fireworks,” said Dyess.

The association is a non-profit that raises money to be able to put on this show for the community.

"We have enough funds to make sure the show happens. We had planned for a little bigger show so we are about $2,000 short for the show that we have planned. So we are looking for some last minute donations from people,” said Dyess.

Hoping this year's show can be even bigger than the last.

The fireworks will be on the State Fair Grounds. Nodak Speedway will have their races starting at 7 p.m. and when they end the grandstand will be open for anyone to come and watch the show.

If you would like to donate to the Minot fireworks show you can do so by calling Dyess at 701-340-3076, visiting their Facebook page or on their Go Fund Me page: gofundme.com/MinotFireworks2019