Minot Fireworks Association brings back Fourth of July fireworks

MINOT, N.D. - After a year without fireworks, Minot's brand new Fireworks Association has been created to ensure there is never a Fourth of July without it again.

Fireworks are a Fourth of July tradition across the United States, but in 2017 the skies over Minot did not light up.

"We have to have fireworks. I mean, we have the Air Force base right up the hill and we have a community of almost 50,000 people. We have to have a fireworks display, it just has to happen,” said Adam Dyess, President of the Minot Fireworks Association.

Dyess says they wanted to do this right, ensuring the community can enjoy the Fourth of July with a bang.

"We took a negative and tried to turn it into a positive. We decided to make it an organization and we are actually working towards a 501(c)(3) as a nonprofit organization so that it may grow beyond just the fireworks event and onto other celebrations for the community,” said Dyess.

Dyess says they needed to raise at least 10,00 dollars and surpassed their goal.

"We are going to make the event a little bigger this year. We are using that money to take care of a few extracurricular things that we want to add to make it a better experience for everybody. And then anything we don't actually use for this year will get rolled into next year's event,” said Dyess.

Bringing the sights and sounds of Independence Day back to the Magic City.

Here is what you will need to know if you plan to attend the fireworks:

The fireworks show will be held right after the Nodak races at the State Fair grounds and will run about 20 to 25 minutes.

Nodak races start at 7 p.m., VIP fireworks parking opens at 8 p.m. and grand stands will open to the public around 9:30 or 10 p.m.

If you cannot be in the grand stands, the show will be set to music broadcast on 90.1 FM.

DyesS wants to remind everyone attending there is no personal fireworks allowed on the State Fair Grounds.

If you are interested in sponsoring, volunteering or getting VIP tickets, contact the Minot Fireworks Association by messaging them on Facebook or call them at 701-340-3076.