Minot Fire Department trains for ice rescues

Published: Dec. 9, 2019 at 9:04 PM CST
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As temperatures drop and rivers freeze over, firefighters and rescue workers are warning about the dangers of walking on ice.

The Minot City Fire Department conducted their annual ice rescue drills Monday afternoon in Nubbins park.

First responders practiced safety drills with pre-selected "Victims" from within the staff.

The exercise worked to prepare first responder’s for situations they could see in the future.

While the fire department has not yet had ice-related calls this year, they still caution against walking on the ice.

Minot Fire Department Captain Jake Lentz commented on the types of ice to keep an eye out for.

"If you can see where the water is through the snow on any ice, obviously that's going to be bad ice, stay away from that. Ice that is frazzeled, honeycomb type ice you're never truly going to know until you're already going through it," Lentz said.

Lentz says ice related incidents are more likely in late fall and early spring when ice forms but isn't strong enough to support large amounts of weight.

Government officials say to stay off the ice if it is less than 2 inches thick.

But when it comes to safety, when in doubt, it's best to stay off of it all together.

Authorities advise against walking on both ice with snow or clear blue ice.

If you're ice fishing they also suggest drilling test holes or an ice chisel as you go before setting up.

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