Minot fire crews ask residents to check smoke detectors

MINOT, N.D. - After extinguishing two fires in the last 24 hours, Minot fire crews are reminding residents to ensure you have functioning smoke alarms in your home and businesses.

They are asking that you remember to change the smoke detectors every 10 years, replace its batteries twice a year during daylight savings time and have smoke detectors scattered throughout the house, including one in each sleeping room and one on each floor in common areas.

"Modern home furnishings you have limited amount of time to escape a fire. It used to be you had close to 30 minutes before your house became inhabitable now you have like three to four minutes. We have to find a way to counter act that and the most economical way to do that is with smoke detectors that are working and properly placed," said Brian Andersen, Minot fire marshal.

Residents can contact the fire department if they have any further questions.