Minot Dive Team conducts rescue training

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MINOT, N.D. - When it comes to someone drowning in the water, it's a matter of acting quickly and knowing what to do.

That's why the Minot Fire Department chose today for a training session on what their first responders should do if the emergency occurred. The firefighters practiced a variety of techniques, from a diver trying to find the victim and most importantly working as a team.

"There's a lot of different things that can happen as far as if it goes smoothly this training isn't going to be necessary. But we want to train for a lot of different possibilities, if the initial diver gets trapped under water and needs help, if the person is trapped under water and he needs help getting him out. We have a lot of different equipment we can use for a lot of different scenarios," said Jacob Filkins, Minot Fire Department.

He says residents should not swim in the Souris River.