Minot Coffee and Cocoa crawl has kombucha too

Many downtown Minot businesses took part in Saturday’s Coffee and Cocoa crawl to help promote local businesses.

One business however, is replacing the warm drinks with kombucha.

Main Street books was one of the leading businesses behind the crawl, but they offered a carbonated, fermented, change of pace.

Owner, Val Stadick said shes been selling kombucha in-store, so why not keep promoting the health drink.

“It's very low sugar. It's a great alternative to sugary soft drinks. It's fizzy, it's probiotic, it cleans up your gut,” said Main Street Books owner Val Stadick.

If you've never heard of kombucha, it's a fermented drink that helps culture good gut bacteria for people who drink it and you can get a cup at Main Street books in Minot for just $4.50.