Minot City officials team up with Meals on Wheels

MINOT, N.D. - Meals on Wheels has been helping the elderly in Minot since 1973, and Tuesday, local leaders carried on a yearly tradition of bringing awareness to the importance of the program.

Senior citizens who are a part of the meals on wheels program had some special guest help delivering their food.

"Hi Ann. I have some guests with me today. This is Steve,” said Vicki Summerfield a Meals on Wheels volunteer.

Steve Podrygula was one of many city officials who participated in the 10th annual March for Meals.

"I think it makes a big difference if you can see the excitement on their faces of the people who get a warm meal. If we can see the interaction between the volunteer and the person who receives the meal. It makes it real. You can see for yourself how important this kind of thing is,” says Steve Podrygula, a City of Minot Alderman.

The morning begins like every other, volunteers arrive early and start to prep more than 250 meals.

"We can provide meals for a senior for a year on what it costs somebody to go in the hospital for a day or go in a nursing home for six days,” said Roger Reich the Minot commission on aging executive director.

The bags are packed, and the volunteers head out on their routes.

Steve joined Vicki who has been volunteering for 10 years

"Just touching the lives of somebody and getting to know somebody. Sometimes they tell you their story about their life growing up. Sometimes they don't. I think it is important, besides the meal, I think the meal is important but I also think the social thing is. I think that is one of the key issues here,” said Summerfield.

Seeing the work first hand, Steve says he recognizes the need for Meals on wheels.

"People need to be recognized for their good deeds. Programs that are effective, cost efficient that really make a difference in people's lives. We need to shine the spot light on those,” said Podrygula.

Bringing awareness to programs that help so many right here in our community.

If you would like to be a volunteer you can go to Minot commission on aging website minotcoa.com or Facebook page facebook.com/MinotCommissionOnAging