Minot City Manager to step down

"It is with my utmost respect to the citizens of Minot that I will submit my resignation as the City Manager, effective August the 20th of 2016," said Minot City Manager Lee Staab at the July 5 city council meeting.

Staab, who's approaching his two year anniversary with the city, fought back tears while making the announcement.

“For the past two years, it has been my privilege to work for and with the citizens of our community as well as the elected officials from both the current and the previous city council,” Staab said.

Staab played a critical part in several projects in those two years--from Minot's new airport terminal, to resolving a conflict between contractors over Minot's downtown parking structures, and securing tens of millions of dollars to enhance the city.

“Upon arriving in Minot two years ago, I was embraced by this entire community. For that I will always be and remain thankful. It was my intent to serve all the citizens of Minot and provide a small level of assistance in dealing with some of the complex issues that face our city,” Staab said.

Staab thanked the citizens of Minot for welcoming him into the community and their lives.

“I've had several changes in my personal life that which necessitate my regretful and tearful departure from Minot, North Dakota. I'm grateful that the citizens of our community will respect my decision,” Staab said.

Minot Mayor Chuck Barney said he regretted the decision but understood.

"I moved to Minot for a personal reasons, family reasons, and Mr. Staab is basically doing the same thing. And I respect that," Barney said.

"These are big shoes to fill. Very big shoes to fill. We've made tremendous progress in the two years that Mr. Staab's been in our community, and I don't want slip-back," Barney added.

He said the city has already begun the search for a new City Manager.

No word yet on a timetable for finding Staab's replacement.