Minot City Council votes to move to second option for gathering space

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MINOT, N.D. - The Minot City Council has officially moved on from its first choice for a proposed downtown gathering space, after failing to strike a deal with property owners.

The city tried for months to come to an agreement with the property owners of 'Site 2' near the intersection of 1st Street and 1st Avenue SW, but could not strike a deal with three of the seven owners.

With that, the council voted to move to its second option, an empty lot across from Planet Pizza and Sports on Tap.

“September 30th of 2022 is still a ways away, but I don't want our backs to be up against the wall, I don't think this council wants our backs to be up against the wall before we lose our negotiating power on either this site or future sites or this project at all,” said Alderman Paul Pitner.

Some alderman did not agree with moving to 'Site 1.' Josh Wolsky wanted the council to continue trying to pursue 'Site 2.’

“I look at site number one as one of the most developable lots in Minot. It's location on Broadway, and in the heart of the central business district probably places it in line with among the most valuable properties in town, in terms of just vacant land. And so, I think in terms of tying that particular parcel up into a non-revenue-generating parcel is a mistake,” said Wolsky.

The motion passed by a vote of 5 to 2, with Wolsky and Alderman Shannon Straight voting ‘no.’