Minot City Council votes on bow hunting issue

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After tonight's discussion.... bow hunting is still allowed in the city--just not on city-owned property within city limits.

The ordinance was originally meant to not allow bow hunting within city limits, however, alderman Shaun Sipma proposed a motion to not allow bow hunting on city owned property land.

Many citizens voiced their concerns about safety of the public and how well the hunters will follow the rules.

“We haven't had issues with this, as of terms of having hunters running around playgrounds and it certainly isn't our intent to enable that,” said Sipma.

The Amendment passed 5 to 2, with Mayor Chuck Barney and Alderman Lisa Olson being the 'no' votes.

Alderman Josh Wolsky, who is the head of the Nuisance Animals committee, said the debate on this topic will continue in their meetings.