Minot City Council alderman speaks on need for women in politics

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MINOT, N.D. - Last year, voters in Minot elected to shrink down the city council from 14 to six at-large members.

Those six people represent a population of nearly 50,000, but only one of them is a woman.

City Council Alderman Lisa Olson says she's proud of the women she's witnessed take on leadership positions.

Now she challenges those women to face the world of politics with their heads held high.

"It think that women are serving in leadership positions. Whether their leaders of clubs, church boards and other organizations. So I think that they're doing that, we certainly have leaders in buisness, but I'd like to see them now take a roll in politics," said Olson.

Voters elected Olson to the City Council seven years ago. She says that she's learned a lot from the men she's worked alongside, and they have learned a lot from her, too.

"I think that my perspective is different than a man's perspective. Approximately forty eight percent of Minot's population are women. And we only have one woman serving on the city council," said Olson.

Despite wanting more women in political positions, Olson says that her roll as a council member is to help everyone.

"I thought that serving on the council would help me make a difference in the city of Minot. Help represent, not only women but all the residents of adversity" said Olson.

Calling women to action in local government.

We asked Olson if she was planning to run for City Council in 2018. She tell's us she is undecided.