Minot City Council agrees to pared-down landfill expansion

MINOT, N.D. - Minot city leaders have given the green light to expand the city's landfill, but not before making some changes to proposed plan, and hearing from some concerned citizens Monday night.

The city of Minot will move forward with a pared-down version of its landfill expansion.

Only one of two 50-acre segments in the proposed plan will be permitted to expand, while the other one originally in the plan will not—at least for now. That amendment proposed by alderman Shannon Straight.

“It's also giving us a little to talk about the kind of larger planning, visioning, that I think many of us want to have,” said Straight.

Some members of the public voiced concerns over who should have the right to dump their trash in Minot.

“As a member of the outspoken minority, I think that maybe we should discontinue taking in waste from other counties. Let them figure it out,” said Travis Zablotney, Minot resident.

“To sit there and tell us that we want seven counties dumping in our backyard, and that we should accept that, cause it's for the benefit of the community is the most, it's just irrational to me,” said Charles Tuttle, Minot resident.

The expansion comes in lieu of a location to move the landfill. Minot Mayor Shaun Sipma defending the city's decade-long efforts.

“I watched the process for more than a decade. This hasn't been something that's just been overnight. This has been a process that has been a decade. And the reason that no other site was located is because the land wasn't available for sale,” said Sipma.

The council also agreed to make room for relocation efforts in the 2020 budget to speed up the five-year plan to find a new site, following a plea from Alderman Stephan Podrygula.

Stephan Podrygula: "I feel that strongly about it. I think we need to expedite this. I think we need to hear the citizens and listen to them saying they want to get moving with this,” said Podrygula.

For now, the landfill will remain where it is.

This is early in the process for everything to happen.

Both of the 50-acre segments in the original proposal will be zoned as public in the event the second one is use to expand in the future.