Minot Chamber of Commerce awards excellence in customer service

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Minot, N.D. Every month, the Minot Chamber of Commerce awards several community members for excellent customer service.

Nominated by customers, the awardees receive a number of prizes including an Eagle pin, symbolizing their dedication to the community. Over 12 years thousands of community members have been honored. This month, 10 people were selected.

The chamber they hope the continuation of the ceremony will encourage people to come to the Magic City, knowing they will receive the best service.

"Yes, it's important to recognize businesses but it's perhaps, in our community especially, more important to recognize customer service. Because the customer service, good customer service, keeps people coming back and that in turn makes the business successful," says Minot Chamber of Commerce President, John McMartin.

If you would like to nominate someone, please visit the Minot Chamber of Commerce website.