Minot Air Force prevents spread of West Nile Virus

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WILLISTON, N.D. - The Williston Vector Control is busy at work this season. RAMP tests are made in the laboratory to examine certain mosquitoes for The West Nile Virus

"The West Nile Virus is a herbal virus that's carried by mosquitos. Birds carry it into this area and mosquitos feed onto the birds and when they get another blood meal they transfer the virus from the birds to the humans," said Francis Bosch, vector control director.

The mosquito, Culex Tarsalis, is becoming a public health concern. Reports says a high number of the virus is typically spotted near The Missouri River and the little muddy river.

"We just have a non-ending flow coming up out of the river bottom. The crews have crossed the city and the surrounding countryside and we've gotten most of the breeding sites covered," said Bosch.

While Aerial Adulticide Treatments are being conducted, directors are urging the public take protective measures in not getting infected.

"You’re going to want to put on bug spray or if the temperature is cooperative, you might want to wear pants or long sleeve shirts. Something to prevent mosquito bites" said James Taverna, field supervisor.

Luckily, no reports have been made from anyone affected with the West Nile virus, however, the number of these mosquitoes continues to rise.

"It is a low risk, but there is still that risk so it's good to take those preventative actions," said Taverna.

Traps will be set up throughout the city. The Minot Air Force will be spraying for mosquitos in Carolville Ray and Watford City starting tomorrow through the July 24.