Minot Air Force Base firefighters recognized for their work

MINOT, N.D. - For the first time in several years Minot Air Force Base Firefighters have been recognized for their hard work.

Each year awards are given out to high-achieving firefighters throughout the Air Force. This year three of thee men and women at Minot Air Force Base received honors.

Assistant Fire Chief Paul Klug was recognized as the Civilian Fire Officer of the Year for Global Strike. Tech Sergeant Anthony Montano is the Military Fire Officer of the Year for Global Strike. And, Staff Sergeant Alisa Baker-Burdo was not only awarded the Military Firefighter of the year for Global Strike but she also was runner-up for Firefighter of the Year for the entire Air Force. A lot of work goes into earning these honors.

When the call comes in, it's go-time for the firefighters at Minot Air Force Base.

"I have the best job in the Air Force, absolutely. I get to drive ride around in a fire truck every day. That is every little kid's dream and I am living it,” said SSgt. Alisa Baker-Burdo, a driver operator for the fire department.

These men and women have to be ready in less than a minute, and it takes a lot of work to get to where they are now.

"We are really diverse. We have civilian and military here in our fire station. Almost 60 personnel. To have everybody from different parts of the country, all come here. All be trained the same, all have the same goals. And to accomplish what we were able to do this year was really fantastic. And it shows how easily we were able to work together,” said Assistant Fire Chief Paul Klug.

From Fire Chief to front lines, it's uncommon to see three Majcom awards in one house.

"I think it speaks volumes. I mean it is really just showing who we are as a department. I definitely didn't get here alone and it just shows that every step up had someone win,” said SSgt. Alisa Baker-Burdo.

"The like-minded mindset that we have. We are all here to do the best we can and produce quality firefighters out of here,” said TSgt. Anthony Montano, the A Shift Station Chief.

They all work hard for the same mission.

"We are doing it because when the call comes in we are there to help people and this is just a recognition of how well we are doing it,” said Montano.

Protecting structures and saving lives, all in a day's work.