Minnesota man catches huge sturgeon while ice fishing

Photo courtesy: Darren Troseth
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ST. CROIX RIVER, Minn. - A Minnesota man pulls in a huge sturgeon while ice fishing.

Darren Troseth says he caught a 6.5-foot, 120-pound sturgeon from the St. Croix River last Saturday.

The fish is unofficially a new Minnesota state catch and release record by 5 inches. Troseth has sent the fish to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to be verified.

After about an hour of reeling, Troseth finally pulled it through the ice, took a few pictures and released it.

To qualify for catch and release, you need to have a picture of the fish with a ruler showing the length and, of course, the angler with the fish.

Troseth said he and his buddies needed to drill five holes in the ice to get the fish out of the water.

The old record catch and release sturgeon was caught on Rainy River last year.