Minneapolis Police warn of counterfeit tickets for Vikings vs. Packers game

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MINNEAPOLIS, MN - The Minnesota Vikings host the Green Bay Packers Sunday night in the brand now U.S. Bank Stadium, and tickets for the big game are at a premium.

The cheap seats will cost at least $200 each, while the lower level will run at least $1,000.

But Minneapolis Police warn fans that some people will take advantage of the market and sell counterfeit tickets at a big price.

"Not all bad tickets are purchased by some guy standing on a corner. They're purchased on Stubhub, Vivid Seats, Killer Seats, Master Ticket," says Lt. Kim Lund, Minneapolis Police.

If you are buying tickets from someone on the street, police suggest taking the seller's photo or a photo of their license. Also, ask the seller if they would walk with you to the ticket counter to redeem your ticket.

If they won't, police say they are likely selling fake tickets.