Ministry on the Margins helps those in need of eye exams

Many people take their vision for granted.

Andrew Davenport hasn't had an eye exam in more than two years, and if it weren't for this program he says he'd still be waiting.

"It'll help me be quicker on the job you know? And the ministry, Ministry on the Margins, they help me a lot," said Andrew Davenport, Bismarck.

A room full of equipment was donated to the cause, and optometrist Leslie Hellebush volunteers her time once a month to provide the exams. The program also offers financial assistance for glasses to those that qualify.

"We kind of take for granted how eyesight can help us in our everyday lives. So starting here, getting someone squared away with a pair of glasses, or getting them referred to a specialist to manage eye disease, is the first step in a process to help them get their life back on track and be a productive citizen ," said Hellebush.

The program is meant to help people without insurance, or those in times of transition.

"My hope is to use this program as a pilot program to help expand around the state so people can still get access to care," said Hellebush.

People that are interested can apply at Ministry on the Margins.